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How much is the cheapest sex doll? They range from a few thousand to tens of thousands

Oct 27,2022 | SexAngelbaby

The price of a life-sized sex doll varies from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, depending on your economic situation. The price of a life-sized sex doll is moderate and cost-effective, which is the highest level in China. Although China's sex doll started relatively late, it has developed quite well in the past few years.

1. Don't buy too cheap sex dolls

How much is the cheapest sex doll? In fact, we do not want to buy too cheap sex dolls, or high-end sex dolls are better to use. high-end products have metal skeletons, can also be placed in various positions, to meet the different needs of users.

Second, the price of sex dolls is related to the materials.​

More expensive sex dolls are made of imported, medical-grade silicone, such as bbw sex doll, which are very real in appearance and feel. There is no need to worry about the cheapest price of a sex doll. Good sex dolls can also be changed into different hairstyles, costumes, to meet your different mood needs. Sex dolls don't have tempers, don't have needs, and don't age.

How brave are you to buy a sex doll?

In fact, we should not only care about the cheapest sex doll, but also have a lot of courage, whether you live alone or with your family. If you live alone, it is fine, but if you live with your family and friends, you should pay attention to it. Even if you are married, you should be careful to provoke family conflicts.

There is also the question of whether you have enough space to store the dolls. The minimum height is 100cm, so storage can be quite a headache. The most attractive thing about sex dolls is that they have to be changed into different clothes.