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How much does a 168cm sex doll weigh?

Oct 21,2022 | SexAngelbaby

First of all, weight is indeed the drawback of physical dolls, which can not be avoided. At present, the main materials on the market are silica gel and tpe, which are non-toxic and environmental protection materials.

If you want the physical doll to be light, then you have to work on your body, slim, so this is the only way to make the physical doll slim at the same height.

At present, the 168cm physical doll on the market is about 34kg.

Do not look down on the entity of the doll's 34kg oh, do not use the doll's weight and real weight comparison. The doll is not alive and will not adjust its body weight to match you. If you think about how heavy people are when they are drunk and unconscious, that's probably what it means.

Also, when you use the doll, you have to pose on your own. If it's too heavy, the whole process will be very easy to get tired, and over time it will be very repulsive... Newbies advise against buying such heavy dolls.

Let me show you an inventory of mobile phones. At 33.5kg, it looks a lot lighter than the real thing.

But the doll doesn't exert any force on its own. You have to support all the weight. I used to be able to carry a 70kg girlfriend for a few laps, but this doll is really not.

I recommend you buy a smaller size. Or check out us, which can be customized and also have lightweight dolls. The same height is 22 kilograms.

Normal to describe, are the same height as girls, a little more than half. If you want to pick up easily, you still need a lot of exercise.

After all, you can't hug a girl if you can't hug a doll.

In fact, if you think 30 kilograms is a little heavy, there are two ways

1, or choose a smaller figure, short stature, natural materials will be less, weight is also reduced, but small body shape, body feeling is not very good.  Before I did not lose weight, I chose because the weight is too big to choose small body baby friends or quite many.

2. You can also choose mini sex dolls.