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Here are Three Sex Doll Cleaning Tips

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Sex dolls are like familiar sex toys with three usable holes: mouth, vagina, and anus. Human skins or fluid generated during sex will attract bacteria in those areas, so a proper cleaning procedure is a must.

Today’s article will discuss four cleaning tips that you can apply to your dolls today.

1. ) Always use soapy water

Body soap or hand soap is mild to TPE and silicone, and it does not damage the materials of the sex doll. Also, you should apply it to the usable holes thoroughly then rinse it with warm or cold water. (Caution: DON‘T use hot water as it will dissolve the TPE materials and may hence leave a hole in the doll’s body) .

2. ) Never Use Alcohol Wipe or Alcohol on the dolls’ skin

We probably use alcohol often due to COVID-19, but it is NOT suitable to clean or sanitize your doll, so using water and baby soap is good enough.

3. ) Always Keep Your Doll Dry and Use Baby or Talcum Powder

TPE dolls are easy to get mold, especially on the usable holes. So after you clean your dolls with water, make sure you dry them thoroughly with a microfiber cloth and a drying stick on the usable areas. After finishing drying, use baby or talcum powder to keep your doll’s skin dry.

4.) Wear a Pair of Waterproof Socks to Prevent Water From Flowing into the Dolls.

It is typical with standing feet, where water may flow into the doll's body. The solution is to wear a pair of waterproof socks and

Here are four tips to make your doll clean, dry, and pleasant to play with.