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STARPERY Doll | 171cm (5' 7") D-cup Full Silicone Sex Doll - Xue

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Brand: STARPERY Doll 

Material: Full Silicone +implanted hair+jelly breast+standing feet+articulated finger +body makeup

Height: 171cm Anal Depth: cm
Bust: 85.5cm Foot Length: 21.5cm
Waist: 56.5cm Hip: 89cm
Oral Depth:cm Anus Depth:15cm
Vaginal Depth: 18cm Net Weight: 34kg
Gross Weight: 38kg Package Size: cm

Skin color: Natural 

Note: please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement。

100% authentic . Dolls with quality problems can be refunded or exchanged for free.

Height :171cm
Net Weight::34kg
Full Bust: 85.5cm
Waist :56.5cm
Hip :89cm
Foot Length :21.5cm
Shoulder Breadth :34cm
Vagina Depth :18cm
Anus Depth :15cm
Materials :Silicone 

Meet Xue, a radiant presence in the world of STARPERY Dolls. Standing at 171cm tall, her captivating Asian features and blooming rose-like beauty make her an enchanting companion for those seeking love and intimacy beyond the ordinary.

Xue embodies the essence of grace and allure, her D-cup curves and delicate features captivating hearts at first sight. With her mesmerizing gaze and gentle smile, she exudes a warmth that draws you in, inviting you to explore the depths of her soul.

Born from the dreams of those yearning for connection and companionship, Xue is more than just a doll; she's a muse, a confidante, and a lover all wrapped into one exquisite package. With each delicate touch of her silky skin, she whispers promises of passion and devotion, igniting a flame of desire that burns bright and true.