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Irontech | 159cm 5ft2 Silicone Head Sex Doll Wheat Colored- Ashley

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Size & Info

Breastline: 82cm
Underbreastline: 58cm
Waistline: 53cm
Hipline: 94cm
Shoulder Width: 33cm
Arm: 66cm
Leg: 85cm
Thighline: 51cm
Calfline: 31cm
Feet: 22cm
Weight: 38kg
Oral: 12cm
Vagina: 18cm
Anal: 16cm

Meet Ashley, our best-selling sex doll from the renowned Irontech brand. Ashley is a vision of beauty, a companion designed to provide company, comfort, and an experience that transcends the boundaries of the physical product.

Ashley: Your Perfect Companion

Ashley is not just a doll; she's a companion, a confidante. She's designed with a human-like touch, to offer the warmth and companionship akin to that of a girlfriend or a wife. Her petite stature, standing at 5ft2, is compelling. Her skin, a luscious shade of wheat complexion, is soft to touch, and enticing to the eyes. Ashley wears a minimalistic white thong and bra set, which is faintly visible, adding a hint of mystery and allure to her persona.

A Story Beyond the Physical

We at Irontech believe in offering more than just a physical product. We strive to weave a story for each doll we create. We want our customers to imagine that they're bringing home a companion - not just a doll. Ashley is no different. She's not just a 159cm tall silicone sex doll, she's a character, a presence. Her story is one of charm, sensuality, and companionship.

Characterizing Ashley

Ashley is designed to make you feel at home. Her sultry eyes are inviting, her soft skin is comforting, her presence, comforting. She's the ideal companion to keep you company on your lonely nights.

The allure of Ashley lies in her ability to be more than just a doll. We've characterized her to feel humanized, to make our customers feel like they're interacting with a living, breathing entity.

Ashley: The Experience

Imagine coming home to Ashley after a long, tiring day. You find her waiting for you, offering a comforting presence. You can share your thoughts, your dreams, your fears with her. You can hold her close and feel the warmth seeping into you. Ashley is not just a doll - she is an experience. She's a companion who's there for you, who listens without judgment, who offers comfort without asking for anything in return.

So, are you ready to welcome Ashley into your life and embark on a journey of companionship and comfort? With her by your side, you're not just purchasing a doll, but a story, an experience, and a companion.