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Castle Doll- 153cm(5ft0) Full Silicone G Cup Mature Woman Sex Doll- Judy

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Material Full Silicone
Skin Nature
Bust 90CM
Under Bust 70CM
Waist 64CM
Hip 110CM
Shoulder Width 38CM
Arm 67CM
Leg 80CM
Foot 20CM
Vagina/Anus  15/17/18CM
Net Weight 42KG
Package Size 148*42*35CM
Package Weight 48KG

Judy is not just a doll; she's the embodiment of mature elegance and sensual charm, a perfect companion for those who appreciate the finer things in life. At 153cm, Judy's presence is both commanding and comforting, with a figure that exudes confidence and allure. Her full silicone body offers an incredibly lifelike touch, ensuring that every moment spent with her is filled with warmth and intimacy.

Judy’s G cup figure and curvaceous BBW form are beautifully complemented by her sophisticated demeanor. Dressed in black lace lingerie, she lies invitingly on the bed, her eyes twinkling with a promise of an enchanting night ahead. Judy’s mature allure and charm make her the ideal partner for evenings filled with deep conversation, shared laughter, and intimate moments.

Judy loves to create an atmosphere of relaxation and romance. Her favorite evenings are those spent enjoying a glass of wine, listening to soft music, and sharing stories of life’s adventures. Her warm-hearted nature ensures that she’s always there to listen, comfort, and bring joy to your life. Judy’s presence turns every night into a beautiful memory, where you feel cherished and adored.

With Judy, you’re not just gaining a partner, but a sophisticated companion who understands your needs and desires. She brings a sense of elegance and warmth to your life, making every interaction feel special and deeply personal. Whether it's a quiet night at home or a playful evening of passion.