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What if a sex doll is dirty?

Jan 03,2023 | SexAngelbaby

Nowadays, with advanced technology and more abundant raw materials, sex dolls are much more realistic, but many people are worried about how to deal with dirty sex dolls. After all, we have to take a bath to keep clean, and sex dolls need to be cleaned and maintained. We can't just buy them and throw them away. Unclean sex dolls can bring a lot of germs.

1. What's the deal with sex dolls? What's good about it?

Sex dolls and sex dolls are actually a kind of simulation of the sexual partner's equipment. Then the simple masturbation device will be more interesting. Now sex dolls are made with real people, but also by consumer friends love, especially the quality of Japanese sex dolls and American sex dolls is better.

Although domestic sex dolls are a little late to the market, they are of acceptable quality. For example, the new custom sex dolls and Asian Sex Dolls from doll stores are very popular.

Sex dolls dirty how to do. In fact, it is very easy to do serious cleaning, and pay attention to the use of the method is good.

2. How to use Sex dolls to keep them clean

Sex doll dirty how to do, first we should pay attention to the use of methods and cleaning methods.

1. When the sex doll is moved, be sure to pay attention to holding the doll's torso to move, but don't drag the arms and legs to move.

2, a good sex doll is only you a person to use, before and after the use of warm water, soap cleaning, if necessary, can use professional equipment to disinfectant disinfection. For cleanliness and hygiene, but also for health.

3, sex doll skin should try to avoid bumping into some sharp objects, more to avoid long nails to dig sex dolls.

4, of course, the use of a long time, sex doll dirty how to do, can be like a real person to wash.

5, choose such a brand sex doll, after-sales service will also provide you with a better way to maintain.