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What do you think about taking sex dolls for a walk?

Nov 09,2022 | SexAngelbaby

​Real life sex dolls are 1:1 simulation of human simulation figures. In the case of no exposure to take to the street, it is no problem. The only problem is that many think the sex doll attributes only adult products, so there will be a strange vision. After all, sex is a beautiful but shady thing.

In fact, sex dolls are not only for boys, there are a lot of girls with sex dolls just for the purpose of hand manipulation, dressed up as their favorite appearance.

I don't think it's a reflection of society becoming more open, it's just that people are more accepting of new things, of innocuous concepts of freedom.

It doesn't have anything to do with the social realities of love and marriage.

For me, it's just a pure feeling that this is a beautiful thing, that I'm bringing her into the right environment for her.

And when I do this, the park's uncles and aunties did not cast a contemptuous look. With the child's big sister, I would be very happy to let the child stand in the past to take a photo.

Quite simply, I didn't turn small sex dolls into shady gun mounts, just as women have the ability to reproduce, but few go naked on the streets.