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What are the similarities and differences between sex dolls and sex dolls?

Oct 31,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Inflatable dolls and sex dolls are articles used by men to liberate sexual repression, which meet the sexual needs of contemporary urban men.

​Sex dolls and sex dolls are classified as "sexy sex doll". They are more human and erotic than mere sexual masturbation devices, which meet the requirements of modern urban humanity. They are modeled on the female body structure and physiological structure, using unique materials made for male masturbation with sexual supplies.

In addition to the above similarities, there are some differences between sex dolls and sex dolls.

Different materials: Because the inflatable doll is filled with gas, the whole production material is basically plastic and elastic film; ​and sex dolls are all made of silicone products, its texture is more realistic and vivid.

Different use: inflatable dolls are a kind of inflatable, demanded by gas to make the commodity to expand, to reach the effect of human size; ​sex dolls do not.

The difference in weight: the inflatable doll is light in weight, and it is also simple after gas filling, not more than 5 jin; ​the sex doll is made of silica gel. The volume and weight are far more than the inflatable doll, and the weight is about 40-50 jin.

Sex dolls are more fleshy than sex dolls, and they can be at your disposal. You can treat her as your own lover. She also has the same characteristics as a lover, but also sexy, attractive, beautiful. So, sex dolls. It's also one to several times more expensive than a sex doll.

Although sex dolls are better than sex dolls. To be high, but from the general point of view, sex dolls can also meet the physiological needs of men.

The appearance of sex dolls has driven away the lonely heart of how many people, such a kind of sex product is developing faster and faster. The inflatable doll is soft and elastic, with skin similar to that of a real girl.

Inflatable doll: As the name implies, it is a kind of inflatable, it needs to be filled with tools to have the appearance of a simulated person, or just a piece of skin, but the other key parts of the inflatable doll are distinguished sex parts, all made of soft silicone. Now the inflatable doll is mainly domestic and foreign, among which the Japanese inflatable doll and the American inflatable doll are better. They make sex dolls, like our starpery sex dolls.​
Series, domestic inflatable dolls are due to start late, the quality still needs to be improved.

Sex dolls and sex dolls belong to a kind of sex doll partner. They are more humanized and interesting than simple sexual masturbation equipment, in line with the requirements of modern urban humanity. ​A sex doll is more fleshy than a sex doll. It can be at your disposal. You can treat her as your own lover. She also has the same characteristics as a lover, sexy, charming, beautiful or that body posts you. Sex dolls are just not easy to store, for some Chinese who are more conservative about sex. And sex dolls are slightly more expensive than sex dolls. Friends with families can choose sex dolls, which will be a little more comfortable to use.