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What are the categories of sex dolls?

Nov 01,2022 | SexAngelbaby

There are three types of sex dolls: sex dolls, semi-sex dolls, and sex dolls. Blow-up dolls are blow-up dolls and half-sex dolls.

First of all, let's take a look at the cheap and often talk about sex dolls. This kind of sex doll needs to be inflated to form the appearance of a real person. It has a rough appearance and looks very different from a real person.

​Secondly, what we look at is treated as an inflatable doll is also a half-sex doll. The so-called half-sex doll is its head and chest are fixed form does not need to be inflatable, half the appearance of the sex dolls than pure inflatable dolls, simple sense is better, a sex dolls chest can water injection, to increase the flexibility of the chest, make it more like real breasts. Semi-sex dolls are more realistic than sex dolls, and they're not that much more expensive than sex dolls, usually around a few hundred yuan, like these sex dolls USA.

Then take a look at the sex doll. The so-called sex doll is most of it is made of silicone material, more realistic than the sex doll. The appearance of the sex doll is much better than the appearance of the sex doll, imitation is also much higher, almost the same as the real person. Since the inside of the sex doll has a mechanical frame for keel, it can be changed into many positions for your use. The starpery doll series is good, which is more realistic than the general inflatable doll.

Sex dolls and dolls are not on the a grade, sex dolls because it is silicon without gas, so the price is very expensive, usually in the tens of thousands of yuan, not ordinary people can accept, but as people's living standards improve, people will enjoy it more and more now, so sex dolls are also increasingly popular.

Sex dolls are made of silicone and non-inflatable, so they have a large shape and cannot be folded and stored like inflatable dolls, which is a little difficult for Chinese people to accept. However, with the gradual opening of the minds of Chinese people, the acceptance of sex dolls will gradually improve. Although the price of sex dolls is not cheap, but wanting to pursue high quality human sex dolls is a good choice.

And a word about smart sex dolls. Ordinary dolls have not met the needs of the people. There have been intelligent doll manufacturers in China. Intelligent dolls are intelligent dialogue, the body has temperature, will blink, the mouth will move slightly, intelligent sex dolls, also known as robot dolls. This is a breakthrough in the present ordinary doll, also realizing the doll's intelligence and information.

In addition to these, the overall body shape is also a good reference point, sex dolls generally come in different body types, such as juvenile adults and so on.​