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The types and types of physical dolls

Dec 23,2022 | SexAngelbaby

The silicone doll

Advantages: stable material, can be painted, texture performance is exquisite, depicts the real. Can fully reflect the intention of the creator, accurate restoration of the head carving prototype, and absolutely no smell!!

Disadvantages: poor softness, generally hard, poor tensile performance, repair cost, high manufacturing cost, naturally lead to high selling price.

TPE doll

Advantages: strong tensile performance, tensile resistance, that is, as the saying says, leather, high softness, low repair cost, low manufacturing cost, very cost-effective.

Disadvantages: can not do painting, texture, detail display greatly decreased, visual effect is not strong, lack of authenticity. In theory, it is easy to deform, but there is no obvious difference between silicone dolls in the actual daily use process. ​The doll will have a certain smell, but at present, various factories also have better treatment. Basically close to the ability to smell a little material fragrance.

Characteristics of physical dolls (you can buy dolls at a sex doll shop)

1, some of the fine work of the entity doll in the appearance of the appearance of the similar to the real person, especially in the hair, face, chest and other aspects of the real little difference, to help users find the "dream man".

2, the user can touch, kiss the entity doll, but also can live with the entity doll "sex". It is understood that some entity doll in the private part of the reasonable design, such as improving the lubricity, some also set up electric device, so that users enjoy the physiological pleasure.

3. Some physical dolls adopt advanced technology and inject humanized elements. For example, small sex doll can't help but emit charming cries, so that users can enjoy the experience similar to real people.

4. Each joint of the entity doll is made of resin material synthesized by high polymer and there is a mechanical support inside, so that it can change posture.

5, some configuration of the relatively high physical doll body parts such as the chest or vagina will also have temperature changes.