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The difference between sex dolls and physical dolls

Dec 05,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Top of the list: the difference in inflatable function

An inflatable doll is an inflatable doll, which needs gas to make the commodity swell to the size of a human being. Considering the feelings of other parts in use, the vagina will still be made with soft silicone commodities, and there is a sex doll penis attachment.

Second: differences in commodity data

Inflatable dolls because of the need for inflatable dolls, so the whole data are fundamentally made of plastic, film with elastic function is the basic data, and the entity doll is made of silica gel products, its texture is more realistic and vivid.

Third: the size of the difference

The weight of the inflatable doll is light, because the gas is also easy to inflate, not more than 5 jin, and the entity doll is made of silica gel, the volume and weight are far more than the inflatable doll, the weight is about 40-50 jin.

Sex dolls and physical dolls belong to a kind of sex doll partner. They are more human and emotional than simple masturbation equipment, in line with the requirements of urban humanity.

Entity doll is a more inflatable doll to tell its flesh sense is stronger, such as mini sex doll, it can be at your disposal, you can treat her as your lover, and mini sex doll also has the same characteristics as a lover, sexy, attractive, beautiful is still the human body post you. Physical dolls are not easy to store, which is a lot of trouble for some Chinese people who are relatively reserved for sex. And the physical doll price is not cheap, often tens of thousands of yuan, not ordinary Chinese people can afford it.

This requires China's sex commodity professional workers to redouble their efforts to advance the localization of inflatable dolls and physical dolls, so that you and I can have a lover at will.

As for the brothers with better economic and environmental conditions, they can think about purchasing physical dolls, because their commodity technology and commodity information are far beyond the feelings of inflatable dolls in the application, and promote their temperament and taste.