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Suitable for the elderly sex toys - sex dolls

Oct 28,2022 | SexAngelbaby

In the face of the elderly should have "sex" this topic, we should have a correct attitude, no note, do not need to note that the elderly are human, also have sexual desire, more should have "sex", but society is to suppress the normal demand of old people, once it appears, sexual demand will resort to the moral high ground, it makes the elderly.

As we all know, when people enter old age, there will be a decline in physiological function, physical quality is much worse than before, and mental activity will also be reduced, but reduced and much worse than before, does not mean completely disappear, sexual desire is the same reason. Now there are middle-aged and elderly people buying 3ft sex doll to solve their sexual needs.

The elderly should face up to their physiological needs and firmly believe that "blocking is better than thinning".

So old people naturally should have sexual desire and "sexual interest". How should they solve it?

After all, there are a small number of elderly people, most of whom are widowers or widows, who are always accompanied by a wife. It is not advisable for older people to seek out sex workers to meet their needs if their partner is unable to accompany them or is too sick to meet an annual demand. A sex doll might be a good option.

In the cases that the author has come into contact with, the elderly people generally feel ashamed of the proposal of "using the best sex doll to solve their physiological needs" proposed by the author and consider it shameful. Is this normal?

Of course, the older generation was not as generally receptive (even if they didn't use it themselves) to new or open things, especially when it came to sex, as the younger generation is today.

Solve the elderly is generally believed that using simulation is sex dolls with their shameful thing. This problem is to open a new channel for the elderly, lonely, lonely, sex of the key of the door, and only let the elderly to simulation sex dolls "shame" in the thought change, can let the elderly physiological, physical health is to the current domestic predicament.