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Jan 03,2023 | SexAngelbaby

You know, sex dolls appeal to adult men, basically the same as Barbie and the bond between girls.

After all, now the doll is too beautiful, while letting the people who have that idea want to have it, and using the price to persuade everyone to retreat.

Because in the sex doll world, cheap deals are like betting stones, and you never know how many little Zemarias there are between the buyer's show and the seller's show.

When you take it out of the box and find the product, you will not lose anything as long as it has a human face. In the case of silicone love dolls, you can even take them to the sea with you so you won't drown.

But it's not easy to get a genuine sex doll these days. After all, it's an old-school product, having been around in Japan since the 1970s.

New age dolls have long gone from this simple and rough look. Instead, they use silicone that feels more like human skin, plus a built-in skeleton, to turn them into realistic and beautiful large hand-made dolls.

Before the appearance of sex silicone doll, the inflatable doll can be said to be the senior pronoun of MASTURbation. Everyone who knows that you have this thing in your home will be ambiguous to you with a smile. But after more and more beautiful dolls came out, people began to divide into two kinds of dolls, one for love, the other for sex.

I want someone with short hair, delicate features, snow-white skin (there are black sex dolls, too) who is gentle, who never argues with me, who always stays home with me when I get off work, who never flirts with other men, who always loves me.

If you're looking for a life partner with that goal in mind, then a doll is the perfect person. ​Technology now has everything you need for them, temperature, wheezing, customizable body parts, and feel just like a real person. As long as you have money, you can customize a heart goddess in the home.

When many people first place an order for a blow-up doll, they just want a tool to soothe their desires. In the process of using the doll, they have higher and higher expectations, hoping that their company is not limited to bed, but to live together, to face the good and bad things in life. When the expectation is firm enough, people's psychology will change and the expectation will come true. So they honestly believe that the sex doll is their partner in life.