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Is Essential Oil a Poor Idea for TPE sex dolls?

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Essential oils add an excellent scent to specific products. Many people appear to delight in adding them to TPE sex dolls. Although many people think it can damage their TPE sex dolls, the reality is that there isn't anything hazardous about it -- at least when it comes to the doll's material.

Even if essential oils are not bad for your TPE sex doll, they can negatively affect you. Essential oils can cause allergies to particular people. So if you're curious regarding just how it resembles to make use of essential oils on your TPE sex doll, please ensure you're not allergic to the oils you have picked.

Before using anything to enhance your experience with your sex doll, it's recommended to do some research and figure out if it is feasible to use it on TPE.

Since you recognize that essential oils are safe to use on TPE sex dolls, you can discover what materials do trigger damage to your toy, as well as why you need to avoid them. Here, we list most of these materials so that you can keep your doll away from them.

Unsafe materials for your TPE sex doll

For starters, attempt to maintain your TPE sex doll dry regularly. Although you need to clean it after use, we recommend you dry it, either by a towel or by natural wind air, right after you finish cleaning. Powder helps a great deal to maintain the wetness away. High moisture levels may trigger your doll to generate mold and mildew.

While cleaning your TPE sex doll, prevent using materials like bleach or dish soap. Bleach is a very corrosive material to TPE as it will undoubtedly end up harming it. Dish soap also has a similar effect.

Other common materials will be oil-based lubes as they are hard to clean. It bores to clean it. And also, they may end up ruining the material in the long term.

While cleaning your sex doll, warm water is beneficial. However, if you use boiling water, you'll wind up harming the TPE.

Rubbing alcohol is incredibly valuable to kill germs, but it creates damages to TPE. Hence, it's never recommendable to utilize it in your sex doll while cleaning it.

As you can see, essential oils are not considered harmful towards TPE, unlike the materials mentioned above. So as long as you're not adverse, you can use them next time you use your TPE sex doll.