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How to judge the quality of a sex doll?

Nov 06,2022 | SexAngelbaby

It's a fact that sex dolls aren't cheap.

To put it bluntly, high-end sex dolls cost a lot of money, so you want to get your money's worth, and the last thing you want is to get a bad doll, which is going to be a real pain.

So what can be done to avoid this? You can get tips from a sex doll expert to assess the quality of a sex doll.

Believe it or not, there's more than one way to determine the quality of a sex doll by spending a few minutes analyzing "sexy real doll."

The small edition will familiarize you with some methods and techniques that will help you identify the design and overall quality of any sex doll.

The most obvious and probably most useful way to look at the material a sex doll is made of.

At present, manufacturers use only two kinds of materials, namely TPE and silica gel.

Both materials have certain properties that make them different from each other.

However, to elaborate that the differences are not quality-oriented, both TPE and silica gel have their own advantages.

Both materials are very soft and smooth, and they both feel like real skin, with a human-like texture that further enhances the realistic value.

Another property of TPE and silicone is that they are almost impervious to small wear and tear, which makes them similar to real skin.

As a result, the lower layers lack a smooth and soft texture.

In addition, it is very fragile and susceptible to subtle scratches, which should not be ignored.

Reactive surfaces promote allergies. These sex dolls, whether TPE or silicone, do not have any allergies or adverse reactions to lubricants or standard cleaners.

This means that if you use lubricant, the sex doll will not suffer any injury or accidental damage.

In general, reactions occur only when owners use non-standard products on their dolls.

And there is no possibility that a sex doll could have an allergic reaction to human skin.

All sex dolls go through several tests and checks to make sure they don't cause any kind of harm.

However, this is not the case for low-level sex dolls, which have little resistance to allergies and allergic reactions.

Also, they may not be very friendly to your skin, and the best thing to do is to have the doll you're buying tested for allergens.

Simply put, sex dolls don't give off any bad smells.

If you slack off on cleaning your sex dolls, you may smell something that is accurately called a bad smell, but in any other case, the smell is not a problem.

With lower-quality sex dolls, there's no guarantee. These dolls aren't made of standard TPE or silicone, and as a result, they give off a strange smell, which is an obvious drawback of inferior materials.

However, the worst part is that you can't get the smell of your sex doll. No matter how well you clean your sex doll, the bad smell will remain.

High-quality sex dolls only have a stink problem if they are not kept clean and tidy.

So, that's a pretty clear indication of bad sex dolls.

We're not saying that every new company in the sex doll industry is a weak manufacturer.

Our view revolves around the expertise needed to help make an excellent 2ft sex doll.

If the manufacturer is not equipped with these attributes, then you can't expect anything.

But how do we know if a manufacturer has the necessary expertise? Now is the Internet era, just check the manufacturer's comments and relevant information can be, a simple Baidu can do it.

When you buy a doll from a trusted platform or manufacturer, the process is much easier and simpler.

Finally, we talked about the price factor.

The obvious fact is that sex dolls don't come cheap, and a complete doll can cost a fortune.

While there are also very cheap dolls, you must know that scams are often disguised as something workable.

Simply put, if you come across a doll seller selling a doll at an overly "doable" price, then you want to try not to give in to temptation and you will definitely end up with a low-quality sex doll.

We advise you to stay away from these types of scams that could rob you of your hard-earned money. It's just not worth it.

Premium sex dolls often drop in price during sales or events. This gives you a good chance to get a good doll at a lower price. Keep an eye on price changes on various platforms to help you find a more desirable sex doll.