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How to clean after silica gel doll is used?

Nov 18,2022 | SexAngelbaby

The water temperature

Cleaning silicone dolls is cold or warm water. Winter can use warm water, entity doll cleaning water temperature is not too high, the specific temperature is not necessary to use a thermometer to measure, as long as the hand tries not hot. The small silicone portables and inverted dolls are small enough to be washed directly into the faucet, while the highly realistic dolls require a stool in the bathroom for her to sit on and rinse with water. Make sure she doesn't stand up against a wall because the bathroom floor is slippery and prone to falls during cleaning.

What kind of washing​

Use shower gel or soap to clean love doll sex. Do not use strong alkali and acid detergents such as 854, detergent, soap, washing clothes/liquid, because it will have chemical reactions on silica gel and affect its service life. Rinse the foam off her body with water and dry it with a towel that doesn't shed hair or fade color.

After the step

While the torso sex dolls have to be washed alone after being toweled dry, the torso sex dolls have to take the extra step of applying talcum powder (the torso dolls come with the extra kit) to create a smooth, life-like feel.