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How to choose a sex doll to avoid being cheated

Nov 05,2022 | SexAngelbaby

At present, China's TPE sex dolls, various, how to choose, cute new basics can not be analyzed rationally. This article to the relevant practitioners and cheated of the old birds to discuss out of the experience to share with you.​

Five things to watch out for:

1: Consult customer service, whether to support self-pickup. Of course, it is not really to raise, but to see whether the doll has a factory independent production, some baby manufacturers are OEM.

2: Ask the skeleton. Ask if the hands and feet can move up and down, left and right, whether the skeleton supports shrugging, if not, five years ago to play the rest of the production process.

3: Consulting the baby business full name of the company. For example, XXXXX Co., LTD., their own login to check child business information.

​4: mini tpe doll material problem, TPE is classified into 4 levels of material;

① Food grade: with EU SGS material verification report, report results: qualified, detection purpose: sex doll material toxicity test report, whether qualified.

② Industrial grade: long-term use, harmful to the human body, common skin disease, sweat [dermosis] is the most common (can not pass the EU SGS material verification);

③ Furnace level: Usually use scrapped, broken sex dolls can not be sold, throw into the furnace to make a new one, this material has a feature, even if made general soft [TPE the most common degree of softness, not soft case] will emit a pungent smell.

(4) Recycling and cleaning level: the sex dolls recycled in the recycling station are bought back to the factory, washed, mended, dyed and sold again. Generally, this kind of baby business has a feature.

cute sex doll customization is available in skin colors (such as normal, pink, and dark brown) and TPE softness (TPE softness categories: Normal soft, slightly soft, Super soft, Abnormal soft). Recyclable cleaning manufacturers will reject your customization because it can't be changed.

There are a lot of cute new fall, dare not rights, rather than do not want to rights, the exclusion of some more than a little thing, suffer losses, in fact, don't have to.

Purchase process:

Before purchase: ask for physical videos, including the pictures of other children before delivery to avoid the cover P picture killing, and explain to the customer service if the goods are found to be wrong, or serious deviation, or some other problems, I have the right to apply for after-sales rights, including but not limited to refund, return, claim and so on.​

Before payment: Make sure the doll is sealed

Sign after receiving STH: before unpacking found wrong goods board to customer service, or serious deviation, or some other problems, I have the right to apply for after sales rights, including not limited to a refund, return, claims, etc., please confirm, sign for it can never before a refund return, whether sex dolls have been completed, remember to keep trading records, buy chats.

Out of the front: Out his phone, conditional best from Courier knocked at the door to open the video (and, of course, most of the Eva still upstairs and then together with express little elder brother to express brother handed a glass of water on cigarette haha) out of the box began to video, without conditions around the first week of evidence does not open, then take out the knife started out of the box, bear in mind that the whole box in the picture, the video to one time, if it is what you see is what you get, Worthy of that half to a month of construction work is of course the best.

If you are cheated, do not match the picture, video description provided by the manufacturer, calm down first, do not move the baby out, first communicate with the customer service, explain the facts, according to the law to solve the dispute and use the telephone complaint.