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How do you care for a sex doll

Nov 08,2022 | SexAngelbaby

Cleaning: Cleaning on the surface of the sex dolls only needs water and their common use bath dew wash, washing with soap is not recommended, because soap (resolute can't use sulfur soap) pieces of grain to the sex dolls are very difficult to clean. If there are any very difficult cleaning besmirch, using common edible olive oil daub scrub, stain is very easy to wash off.

Nakedness can have special cleaners cleaning, putting the water into cleaner, yank cleaner, cleaner produced by high pressure will cede the body wash away the dirty things. If you feel trouble, you can remove the flower's aspersed head directly to wash, the following can be dry naturally, can also buy online dry rods, so the following will soon dry.

disinfection: surface disinfection with ordinary drugstores can buy hydrogen peroxide disinfection (remember to do not use alcohol, 84 disinfectant), it is recommended to clean after disinfection.

The following disinfection should be Fu Yan jie.

Problems with dyeing sex dolls:

This is the special note, whether it's a tpe material sex dolls or silicone material sex dolls are afraid of dyeing, so please don't give sex dolls clothes fade easily, try to choose light color clothes, such as white, pink, etc., many buyers when buying clothes to buy cheaper lingerie, This kind of clothing texture is poor very easy to fade, sex dolls once dyed is very difficult to remove.

If you are not careful to be stained, if the stain is light, you can use edible olive oil to scrub away. If the stain is deep, it is not possible to remove the stain, so please pay special attention to this point.

Maintenance of sex dolls:

Sex dolls after cleaning on the surface of the sex dolls in the shop a little talcum powder (baby powder), such not only can stay dry sex dolls, also can be worn and tear, avoid sex dolls in the human body and sex dolls please save more powder friction, such not only can reduce the friction can avoid dirt on the sex dolls on the human body cleaning the inconvenience caused.

sex doll 110cm in the process of use, please apply enough lubrication, so that not only can improve the smooth sense of use, but also can avoid wear.

​The best sex doll is not resistant to high temperatures, strong acid and alkali. Please do not put the sex doll in high temperature and strong acid and alkali environment, which will result in the rapid aging of the sex doll, the surface will lose luster.

Do not stick to the finger tip when the finger is swinging, because the metal inside the finger is easy to pierce. Please hold the part of the finger that needs to be bent and bend it.

Please do not bend your fingers too often. ​The metal is tired, and frequent and rapid bending can easily lead to finger breakage. Please pay attention to this.

Hair care:

Silicone hair transplant: when combing your hair, please do not directly comb it. Please hold your hair and comb it down. When combing to the top, cover your hair roots and then comb it down.

Silicone hair or tpe hair: the hair can be taken off and cleaned. If you feel that it is not smooth, you can soak it with the conditioner for a while and let it dry.

Makeup problems:

Makeup removal with universal olive oil, makeup removal liquid can be used, eyebrows, lipstick with ordinary eyebrow pencil, lipstick can be used, sex doll is not picked, eyelashes for false eyelashes, if the eyelashes are lost, please do not directly use 502 such glue, it is recommended to buy a new pair of false eyelashes stick on.

Makeup can change the style of a sex doll, so it's worth learning.​