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How did you feel about using your physical doll?

Dec 19,2022 | SexAngelbaby

New oil, smell is ubiquitous, cool for a while.

"life like sex dolls" and "hair styles."

Silicone is not as soft as TPE to the touch of the body.

The vertical press feels very realistic, and the horizontal friction feels very different from real leather.

Head carving aesthetic, TPE and silica gel, silica gel exquisite ceiling is higher.

Different manufacturers of materials, models, skeletons, details are really different, must pay attention to avoid pit, don't be greedy for cheap goods.

Some make things that open their mouths and some don't, like the sex dolls under 500.

With too much weight, posing for once can be tiring.

The 170cm above is not a warrior, do not play, 160cm above the slightly difficult, 150cm below the basic can play casually, but the height is too low to be careful to destroy the three views.

Some manufacturers have developed a reduced version, but I have not used it, so I can not comment.

With normal use, it's fine for a year or two.

If not used properly, it may cause some lacerations, problems with the wires coming out of the fingers, etc.

If used as a throw pillow, be sure to tighten the head, or be careful to wake up the next day scared to death.

It must be said that the physical doll's passage experience is better than the real one.​

After use, it should be cleaned and powdered in time to avoid cracking, lying flat and so on.​