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How close a sex doll is to a real person

Nov 07,2022 | SexAngelbaby

​A real sex dolla is easy to store, and its appearance and height can be customized.​

As for whether it is very close to the real person, first of all, sex dolls are second only to wax figures. There are three kinds of sex dolls: full tpe sex doll, full silicone sex doll, silicone head and tpe body sex doll, do a ranking.

Sex doll with silicone tip and tpe body >​ Sex doll with tpe.

Physical dolls are mainly divided into three types: first, mini physical dolls, mainly around 68cm. Such physical dolls are relatively convenient to store, but the number of people is relatively small.

Girl-type entity dolls are mainly between 100cm and 130cm. Girls certainly look like girls, and in most cases bears are not as flat as girls, such as 110cm sex doll.

Three, do not know what to describe. With a universal entity doll, height from 140cm to 172cm, 158cm is the choice of most people.

When it comes to the influence of height on authenticity, I think 165cm is the best height ratio, but the physical doll is relatively heavy because it is solid, so 158cm is the best choice, not too heavy or too short.

Sex dolls are, in my opinion, the most realistic of all adult products. It's not just the body shape, it's the skin tone. There is even a skeleton inside, and you can pose like a real person. In short, the authenticity will not be disappointing.