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Do single people approve of sex dolls?

Nov 05,2022 | SexAngelbaby

We should know that there are now more than 200 million single people in China. This is a social deformity and development phenomenon. It not only represents a serious imbalance between men and women in society, but also an indescribable tragedy for the country.

For them, loneliness is just a simple part of life, and they use the "home" mentality to cover up behind loneliness and needs.

The emergence of silicone doll experience Pavilion is a new attempt. It makes us realize that normal sexual needs and mental deficiency is a serious social problem, a lack of social acceptance of the normal outlet is being explored.

Silicone dolls, as a new thing, are humane, but challenge the public's moral bottom line.

But not everyone is so simple.

We are all different and we all have our own unique reasons for feeling lonely.

For some of them, silicone dolls can help fill a gap in their lives that nothing else can.

There is a lot of debate about how successfully silicone dolls cope with loneliness.

Many people swear that they feel their lives have been greatly improved simply by owning a sex doll.

Others argue that sex dolls promote feelings of loneliness because they drive people further away from society and real people.

Why do lonely people buy silicone dolls? Before we begin to examine how successful these sex dolls have been at fighting loneliness, it's important to understand why people turn to them in the first place.

These reasons are as varied as the sex dolls themselves! When buying silicone dolls, many customers strive to resemble real people.

Usually, it could be a crush, a celebrity idol or a skinny sex doll.

Even deceased relatives and friends, for whom loneliness is often the driving factor behind the purchase, the pursuit of the spiritual uplift behind the memory of the person.

Another historical reason for buying sex dolls out of loneliness is the fact that the old one-child policy and the idea of clans naturally favoured male reproduction and there was a severe shortage of women.

At the time, this didn't cause much of a problem, but now, a generation later, there are significantly more men than women.

Not everyone can choose to flee and move to other places where more women live.

Silicone dolls seem like a good alternative to living alone.

If it weren't for social or grief issues, things would be a little more complicated.

Some people have experienced trauma in their lives and have emotional issues such as anxiety and depression that may affect how they come across to others.

Although many people can solve these problems and overcome any problems they encounter, there is not a clear plan of action.

What helps one person may not work for another.

Can silicone dolls really relieve loneliness? This is, of course, a matter of personal preference.

Some people are perfectly content to spend time with silicone dolls rather than real people, because sex dolls don't completely replace real people.

Most people know that these sex dolls aren't real, but having them makes them feel more comfortable, like coming back to a lively home instead of a cold empty house, and they feel like the dolls are waiting for them.

But it doesn't work for everyone, and some people find these sex dolls as cold as their house.

Is it healthy to buy a sex doll to alleviate loneliness? When it comes to using silicone dolls to help cope with being single and lonely, the real debate is about their long-term impact on your mental health.

Opponents claim that spending time with silicone dolls encourages introverted behaviour and ultimately leads to further withdrawal from society.

Those who support it say they embrace the positive feelings they get from the silicone doll's company.

It may not be something they personally approve of, but starting to work through any positive emotions is a great way to improve overall mental health.

This is a good choice. The premise is you have the right attitude, and don't overdo it, then have a silicone doll to get extra company and there's nothing wrong, you don't even need it to talk, you only embrace it when lonely, look at it when you eat, or do anything you like.

Silicone dolls belong to the realm of personal life and are a new endeavor.

With the gender imbalance, aging, and the pressures of life, it's more of a short-term aid that solves loneliness, saves some single people, and doesn't hurt anyone.

But does it really solve the single problem? What is the significance of its existence and gradual development? Maybe it's more about looking to the future, which is up for debate.