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Creepy vs, Healthy - What Do You Think About Having a Sex Doll?

Mar 02,2022 | SexAngelbaby

A sex doll these days almost refers to a plastic being with human-like features built on them, including the genitals. While material science advances, the sex dolls are more life-like, they are so real, and if one sees on the far side, they can’t really tell if it is an actual human or a doll.

 Benefits of Having Sex Dolls 

Real sex dolls have many benefits psychologically. For example, if a person gets old, he may not get another lady who likes him quickly. The other reason is if someone is physically disabled, having a sex doll for cuddling or even for more personal purposes. However, people are always biased against using sex dolls in their lives. Some may see it as creepy, some may laugh at them, and some may think they are losers in relationships, so why they need a sex doll?

Those who think like that don’t understand the people in a suffering life. They spent a lot of money in the young or delicate ages but couldn’t find a trust-worthy partnership that worked-out. 

 Sex Dolls are Nothing More Than Sex Toys

 But for those using sex dolls, they are just nothing more than sex toys. You will use the dolls for your own pleasure, and for some, they will dress them up with fine and style clothing for photo-shooting purposes. Sex dolls are nothing more than vibrators or dildos that many women use; therefore, one should not treat the users as creepy nor losers.

 A Happy Healthy Life

Many sex dolls users have a happy life. While some are married, some choose to live alone. Not all married guys hide their sex dolls behind their wives, some wives know their existence, and some women have an open mind. They do not see sex dolls as their enemies, so I guess the user pretty much had a happy life. A happy life leads to a healthy life because a joyful heart is a cure for many diseases, so it is a happy, healthy life.