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5000-6000 about the whole silica gel entity doll in the end can buy

Dec 14,2022 | SexAngelbaby

This year or two on the market, appearing in the very cheap silicone doll is worth buying the problem. Is it really the existence of cheap silicone dolls?

Of course not. It's a given that value determines price. There is a monster when things go wrong. The normal price of silica gel on the market is between 1 and 30 thousand, there are also higher prices. real sex dolls. Different craft. However, physical dolls of the same price are basically of the same quality.

The latest phase has seen around 5,000 all-silicone dolls, good or bad. Only on the price of the doll configuration is exactly how.

The material characteristics of silica gel, the first is more expensive relative to the! Second, the material is hard. However, the firm degree of body makeup is much better than that of the, and the overall makeup is also relatively delicate and real.

The price of a cut in half is naturally given up by some techniques in the middle. I will explain from the aspects of body feeling, skeleton, soft, weight reduction and body makeup of the entity doll.

1. First of all, what we can confirm is the body sense of the entity doll and the height is normal. It means that the material is normal, and this should be obvious at a glance.

2. The skeleton of the physical doll should be normal and universal. If the skeleton is too poor, later dolls are easier to list some problems, such as 4ft sex doll.

3. Generally 10-30 thousand silicone dolls are to do soft weight reduction (because the characteristics of silica gel are relatively hard, so want to feel good must do soft processing), a little better to the whole body are soft although feel harder than type, xiong liquid filling, feel like a real person. The use of physical dolls is hard work, the general situation of 160 or so physical dolls is about 70-80 jins. The silicone doll is heavier than this one. So it's usually weight loss. Too cheap all silicone entity dolls do not soft do not lose weight all silicone entity dolls, so it can save a lot of costs, but the use of...

4. Finally, it is body makeup. The reality of silicone solid doll is due to the body makeup of human texture simulation. The whole silicone solid doll without human texture simulation is very transparent, and the quality is even worse than the type doll without human texture simulation. It is very important to do the simulation of human texture for silicone dolls, buy the whole silicone entity doll running to the real, delicate body makeup. Too cheap whole silica gel entity doll do not do body makeup, or do inferior body makeup, material partial hard price partial expensive silica gel doll talk meaningless!

5· Made good silicone dolls, pores, skin texture and even small concave and convex feelings are some. The blood vessels of the simulated human are in the skin, red and very real, no matter whether taking photos or video, far view or close view are very realistic. Less texture can be directly said that no texture is simply painted on the skin of the blood vessels, which can save a lot of cost. This is confusing. It's like a luxury car. A million dollars is a luxury car. A $10 million car is also a luxury car. Can a $1 million luxury car be in the same class as a $1,000 luxury car?

In the end, we just need to ask ourselves, what is the purpose of buying this doll? It is for photography, and it is good to accompany silicone. Of course, I also want to give up, a little better silica gel, bring visual enjoyment, not 5000 pieces of silica gel can be compared. If there is a need to use the budget not much, then choose good cost performance. Silica gel head +tpe body more than 5000 choices of such configuration can choose a very high quality.