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​I want to buy a sex doll, how to store

Oct 21,2022 | SexAngelbaby

This is a problem that many, many, many people encounter. Many people want to get a sex doll but don't know how to store it, so they give up.

​Sex dolls are designed to simulate human beings in a 1:1 ratio. ​The tpe sex doll or silicone material is used to simulate human skin, and alloy human skeleton is used to simulate human skin. This problem can be transformed into hiding a person at home.

There are tricks to storing sex dolls. Here are three ways to do it.

First, get a girl-shaped sex doll. The height of the girl-shaped sex doll is 100cm, 110cm, 125cm. The girl-sized sex doll can be put in the suitcase, and the wardrobe can be easily put down.

Two, GET a storage stool with a lock, when the doll is not used, put into the storage stool, very hidden, just a piece of furniture in the home, so also do not need to consider the size of the doll, also most suitable for the person who likes the sex doll of adult type.

Three, start with the thigh root split type of sex doll. When not directly disassembled and put in the suitcase, it is also very convenient to take away, also do not have to consider how to deal with the problem of moving.